Functional areas
Report 1   
  • Dhaka division and
  • Ministry of Agriculture
Report 2  
  • Chittagong division
  •  President's Office and
  • Cabinet division
Report 3   
  • Rajshahi division and
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
Report 4   
  • Khulna division
  • Ministry of Information and
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
Report 5  
  • All office of the Chief Accounts Officer and
  • Ministry of Health and Family welfare
Report 6   
  • Barishal division
  • Office of the Prime Minister and 
  • Ministry of Disaster management and Relief
Report 7   
  • Sylhet division
  • Ministry of Public Administration,
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports and
  •  Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
Report 8   
  •  Rangpur division
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest and
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment
DP and Report Preparation   
  • Deals with vetting process of Approprition and Finance Accounts
  • Bilateral and Tripartite meeting related activities
Record and Library  
  • Receiving and Sending of all official letters
  • Repair and Maintenance of goods and accessories