Strategic Plan of OCAG

OCAG Vision and Mission


Strategic Plan Framework 2013-2018




Attainment of Accountability and Transparency in Public Financial Management to contribute towards achieving good governance.




Conducting effective audit of public sector operations for optimum utilisation of public resources providing the stakeholders with reliable and objective information to assist in establishing accountability and transparency in government activities.


Core values



Professionalism Reliability Objectivity Accountability Credibility Transparency Integrity Viability Ethics


Proposed Goals


Goal-1 Goal-2 Goal-3
To enhance the quality of audit To enhance the professional efficiency of auditors  To strengthen leadership and internal governance


Strategic Objectives


  • To plan and execute entity and risk based auditing
  • To expand the professional and ethical base of audit staff and achieve their full potential
  • To ensure implementation of strategic and operational plan
  • To develop capacity to conduct audit in IT environment
  • To support professional development
  • To ensure effective internal control system as per INTOSAI guideline
  • To increase the coverage and quality of performance audit
  • To facilitate dissemination and application of professional knowledge in the auditing process
  • To improve internal communication
  • To conduct follow-up programmes to ensure sustainableility of staff development programme
  • To set up a system of peer review
  • To formulate procedures that will help the implementation of SAI Code of Ethics